History of Medway, Maine, USA

Medway was incorporated in 1875. Situated at the forks of the East and West Branch of the Penobscot rivers. The town was known as Nicatou (meaning, the forks). Early exploration by loggers who established camps in the area were well known. Settlement in the area was in the 1840s and 1850s with families such as Archer, Bagley, Barlow-Burleigh, Bartlett, Beathem, Boynton, Brewer, Caswell, Clark, Cox, Cram, Daisey, Davis, Day, Delano, DeWitt, Dickey, Farrington, Fiske, Fowler, Fowles, Glidden, Gordon, Hale, Hathaway, Howard, Kimball, Ladd, LaPointe, Leavitt, Lee, Lyons, MacKenzie, Magoon, Markie, McCauslin, McLaughlin, McLeod, Monroe, Moore, Murray, Nadeau, Powers, Priest, Reed, Spinney, Thompson, Trask, Twist, Vance, York, and many others...

Logmarks identified the logs of each logger. Similar to the earmarks of livestock, the Maine woodsmen marked their logs...

Cemeteries in Medway, Maine

Fiske Cemetery
Pine Tree Cemetery
Lynch Cemetery

Grindstone Road Cemetery

SPECIAL NOTE: We have found the first names of family members listed in the Medway (Township A), Maine 1860 US Federal Census to be highly unreliable. For example, on Charles E Powers:

Census Name 1860          Correct Names
Charles E Powers          Charles E Powers
Mary          Hannah
James          Wellington
Sarah          Maria
Hannah          Angeline
Lydia          Ella D
David          Markey

Many first names of most family members are completely incorrect as the above example. David Kirby was the enumerator.

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