History of Lowell, ME, USA

Lowell was incorporated February 9, 1837 as Huntressville the 338th town of Maine. The name was changed to Lowell after Lowell Hayden first male child born in 1838. In 1842 Lowell annexed the Cold Stream Settlement from the town of Passadumkeag. The means of surpport of the towns people was farming, lumbering, and mill work. Names of the settlers were Applebee, Austin, Bowers, Bradbury, Buck, Cabel, Chandler, Champion, Chase, Clay, Coffin, Cummings, Curtis, Davis, Doane, Dolly, Douglas, Engstrom, Ewing, Fogg, Folsom, Fox, Gillispi, Gordan, Hayden, Huntress, Jipson, Littlefield, Lord, Lyons, McKenney, Moore, Myrick, Neal, Parker, Perkins, Pettengill, Porter, Preble, Priest, Shorey, Sibley, Thurlow, Thompson, Turner, Wakefield, Varney, and others.

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