History of Chester, ME, USA

Chester was first known as Township Number One, Range 8. Chester was incorporated Feb 26, 1834. It is located on the west bank of the Penobscot River opposite the towns of Lincoln and Winn, 56 miles northeast of Bangor. In 1837 there were 323 people in Chester. The census records for 1870 and 1880 list 350 and 362 people. Common surnames in the town prior to 1900 include Adams, Archer, Bailey, Beatham, Berry, Booker, Brown, Chesley, Coombs, Cram, Davis, Faloon, Farrington, Fleming, Glidden, Gordon, Hall, Haynes, Ireland, Jordan, Kimball, Lancaster, Libby, Nichols, Reed, Runnells, Savage, Scott, Shaw, Smith, Spencer, Stratton, Tash, Twist, Whitney, White, and Wyman. Chester sent 32 men to the Civil War of whom 11 were lost.

A very good book on Chester, Maine, "The Pilgrim Way", was written by Marion Reed Kimball in 1962.

Portions of the book are transcribed below by Donald & Evelyn Wright with permission from Mrs. Kimball's daughter, Josephine Loupin.

First Settlers of Chester

Taxpayers of Chester

Men Enrolled in the Militia

This information was extracted from "The Pilgrim Way" written by Marion Reed Kimball. A copy of this book is owned by Donald & Evelyn Wright.

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