History of Burlington, ME, USA

Burlington was incorporated March 8, 1832 the 302nd town in Maine. Access to the area was up the Passadumkeag river from the Penobscot river. Settlement began in 1823, 1824 by Trustrum Hurd Jr. and the area became known as Hurd's Ridge. Lumbering and farming were the means of support. Names of the settlers were Barker, Bowers, Bradbury, Coffin, Costigan, Davis, Dockendorff, Edes, Folsom, Fox, Gonyer, Houghton, Hoyt, Hurd, Jipson, Libby, Lord, McCorrison, Moore, Neal, Page, Peasley, Peavey, Philbrick, Porter, Richardson, Scammon, Shorey, Sibley, Stickney, Taylor, Tripp, Turner, White, Woodman, and others.

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